Social Economy


Technologies are playing a central role in the Third Sector and driving transformational and innovative services and projects in this relevant sector. Artificial intelligence (AI), automation, Blockchain, the Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), as well as digital platforms, allow entities to develop instruments to efficiently tackle societal challenges, further boost their causes and raise awareness amongst the relevant stakeholders


Third Sector entities have been gradually adapting their business and daily tasks by incorporating technology as well as by creating new projects driven by technology. This is the case, for instance, of the use of digital sites, of technology in corporate & governance processes and in the acquisition of products and services, as well as of the development of digital instruments and tools to better tackle societal challenges.

The emergence of new technologies, such as AI, Blockchain, IoT, AR and VR, as well as Big Data, is also set to play a relevant role in the Third sector, such as, for instance, through the automated delivery of information and services through chatbots/AI, or through the automation of day-to-day processes to drive efficiency in organisations – for instance, application of cloud technology to streamline and centralise extensive data, use of analytics to data processing, among others.

Data sharing, the shared economy, the use of platforms and apps are creating exciting new opportunities for entities of the Third Sector to increase their reach and connection with stakeholders (such as beneficiaries, customers, volunteers, employees and partners ), as well as the transparency of their activities, products and services.


Forces driving the market

Automation and Connectivity

Technology, including new technologies such as artificial intelligence, digital platforms and apps, facilitate the operation of Third Sector entities and the communication between stakeholders.


New technologies, such as AI, DLT/Blockchain and IoT, facilitate the reduction and monitoring of the environmental footprint and promote circular economy models.


Use of new technologies, such as AI, DLT/Blockchain and IoT throughout the value chain ensure higher levels of transparency in the operations of the stakeholders.

New funding models

P2P crowdfunding, cryptocurrencies and community currencies are facilitating financial aid processes while increasing transparency.


Can we help you

VdA has vast experience and strong expertise in all policy, legal and regulatory matters associated with digitalization in the Third Sector. Our tech and industry insights allow us to provide 360.º legal services to organisations, governments, and regulators.

  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Associations, Foundations and Co-operatives
  • Social Enterprises
  • Public Institutions

Our team of experts is delivering strategic and sophisticated legal advice to help our clients on their most challenging and promising projects. With a track-record of advising complex projects VdA services.

VdA services include:
  • Advising on regulatory and compliance issues for developing, testing and deploying technologies in the Third Sector
  • Advising in the implementation of new technological tools (such as AI, robotics, blockchain/DLT), including negotiating licensing agreements
  • Advising on data (including data sharing), privacy, cybersecurity, insurance and liability issues, as well as on IP protection, technology partnerships and transfers
  • Drafting and negotiating contracts for development, sale and purchase, provision of services, including terms of service and privacy policies for digital solutions
  • Drafting policies, strategies Third Sector entities
  • Negotiating partnerships with public entities, governments, institutions and agencies
We support our clients:
  • We support our clients in their social projects in all our jurisdictions and have helped key players of the Third Sector in developing new partnerships, in launching new services and products reliant on technology, and in designing new platforms for connecting several Third sector stakeholders.
  • While ensuring the main purpose of creating social impact, we make sure that the projects comply with applicable sectorial regulations, as well as with technology, IP, privacy and cybersecurity legal frameworks.

Our team of experts

The disruption of the Third Sector by technology raises complex challenges that require a holistic and sophisticated legal analysis.

We help our clients meet their goals through a cross-sector team that brings lawyers from our ICT, Data & Cybersecurity and Social Economy Practice Areas. In addition, to deal with the complex challenges brought by the resort to technologies in the Third Sector, our Third Sector Tech team further works routinely with Vasco Vieira de Almeida Foundation as well as with our colleagues from Tax, Insurance, Health, Banking & Finance, Public Law, Projects and IP, among others.


Specialised knowledge is required

The opportunities and challenges of the Third Sector, including those arising from the deployment of emerging technologies and the lack of regulatory certainty, are complex. Therefore, specialised knowledge is required in the development and deployment of digitalization strategies and projects.


Can we do it for you

Assisting you in devising the best approach and models for your project, product and service, in the light of legal and regulatory opportunities and constraints.

Assisting you in the development and setting-up of your project, product and service, drafting all required documentation, assisting in the negotiation of contracts, interacting with competent authorities, and accompanying you every step of the way.

Assisting you in addressing day-to-day goals and challenges in the light of the applicable laws and regulations. We are here for you..

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